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Coffee shops

Coffee shops

Some of you might have planned a trip to the Netherlands especially to visit a Dutch coffee shop, just out of curiosity. In this intro we will tell you all about the do's and don’ts concerning cannabis in the Netherlands. It will make your visit to one of Rotterdam’s coffee shops a pleasant one.
Most people think that using soft drugs is legal in the Netherlands but in fact this is not true at all. The difference is that Dutch laws distinguish between soft drugs and hard drugs. Hard drugs are strictly forbidden and when caught selling, using or even carrying them you can get in as much trouble as you would in any other European country. Soft drugs on the other hand, are tolerated. So what does this toleration policy mean? It’s against the law to grow, sell, carry or use cannabis yet some things are tolerated. Coffee shops are allowed to sell cannabis and people are allowed to carry 5 grams of weed/hash with them. You are also allowed to grow 5 plants at home. You may smoke in the smoking areas of coffee shops and on private grounds. Note that this means that you are not allowed to smoke on the streets: this is strictly prohibited, you will get into trouble!
You can buy one gram of marijuana for around € 5.- / € 7.-. Hash is slightly more expensive. The most common and popular strain of cannabis in the Netherlands is White Widow but the person behind the counter can tell you everything about the different kinds of cannabis they sell and what their unique properties are. We have listed some local favourites coffee shops in Rotterdam. Note that you have to be 18+ and you will be asked for your ID before entering any shop.
Dos and Don’ts
*Buy your weed at a reliable coffee shop, not on the streets. Besides the fact that it’s illegal to buy cannabis outside a coffee shop, you’ll probably end up buying weed or hash of bad quality.
*You’ll probably get a dry mouth from smoking so get a drink when you’re thirsty. *Don’t smoke on an empty stomach. When you start to feel bad just stay calm, sit down, and eat something sweet. You’ll feel better within an hour or so.
*Be careful! Cannabis in the Netherlands has a lot of THC, which means it is pretty strong. Maybe stronger than you are used too.

Coffee shops