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Nieuwe Binnenweg



Rotown is the place to go for an inexpensive meal and a relaxed evening. You will find a diverse group of alternative people all ready to have a great time. There is a pinewood lounge and a dark cafe, with the restaurant in the back. It is known as a rock cafe and has a stage where upcoming artists, as well as established bands from all over the globe, often play. When there’s no band playing, a DJ takes the stage. Tip: entrance is free until 11pm in the weekend, if no concerts are planned.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 17b-19a



Stalles is a cool place to hang out, with it's indie music and friendly staff. You can relax here and listen to some decent tunes. The terrace is great both in the Winter and in the Summer. We recommend Stalles for a good variety of inexpensive food and as a great place to head after you are finished working or if you are in need of a study break.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 11a


Club Vibes

If you feel like flirting a little you have to go to Vibes . It is all about having fun to some old time favorites from the 80’s and 90’s. “Let’s dance, put on some red shoes and dance, my love”. There are no attitudes here, just lots of happy drunks. Watch out for those bouncers though - they like to goof around acting tough. A great tip: on Thursday nights you can get free entrance through the back door (located in Stalles) until 1 am.

Westersingel 50a

Jazzcafe Dizzy's

Dizzy‘s grooves to a different beat. It is a great Jazz cafe that also has good food! You will find a large range of 'cool cats' from young to old. The garden patio is great in the summer. It is definitely worth checking out even if you don't like Jazz because they will occasionally have Brazilian, Regge and various other types of music. Stop into Use-It to find out what Dizzy's has to offer tonight! Tip: free jazz every Monday and Tuesday. Live performances start at 10pm.

Gravendijkwal 129


Willens & Wetens

Willens & Wetens is where the old time Rotterdamers go to drink Jenever and other typical Dutch drinks. If you are looking for a venture into what Rotterdam was like way back when, or if you want to hear some stories about Rotterdam in the old days, head over there anytime of day, there are always a few people hanging out!

Nieuwe Binnenweg 111a


Le Vagabond

Le Vagebond has a very live and let live atmosphere. No need to put on a front when you come here. They respect you for whoever you are and expect you to do the same. You can drink, dance and flirt, to your hearts content. They also have a terrace that is perfect for people watching when the weather is nice! Come in to Use-It and we will let you know if they are having any special theme parties or events while you are in town.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 99

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Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
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