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Stadhuisplein has great terraces year-round, because they are heated in the winter. It is also nice in the summer, but can get a bit overcrowded. The entire area has a bit of a trendy, overthemed atmosphere, but if you are looking for lots of drinking and minimal clothes these are the bars for you!


Apres Skihut

Apres Skihut always has a party going on. There might be some flair from the bartender, a barmaid doing a little dance or the entire crowd doing the wave. Head on in with a party atmosphere and you are bound to have a good time. Don’t expect to have a deep, heart to heart conversation with anyone. You won’t be able to hear each other and that’s really not what the Ski Hut is all about. Flirt, dance and sing along to some silly Dutch party songs! “Ik heb een toet, toet, toeter op mijn water scooter!” It’s okay if you don’t get the words right the first time, they will definitely play it again. If you are looking for the same atmosphere, only bigger, there is a big Apres Skihut at the Delftsestraat 21-23, near Central Station.

Stadhuisplein 29



Getback is great if you want to flashback to the 80’s and 90’s with hundreds of your new best friends! The bartenders are tan-a-holics and might appear slightly orange, but after a few strong drinks you hardly notice. The crowd is a fun bunch, much like the ones you might find at Apres Ski only a few years older. Brush up on your Thriller dance moves and head on over to Getback for a fun night with your friends!

Stadhuisplein 27



Coconuts has that tropical island groove. The staff and crowd look like they are dressed for a day at the beach – tank tops and micro mini skirts. The island rhythm flows through out the club and Coconuts is a great place to go for a flirt or a hook up. It is pretty much like any other beach themed bar.

Stadhuisplein 19


't Fust and Het Plein

't Fust and Het Plein are typical Rotterdam bars filled with typical Rotterdam Johnny’s and Anita’s! They play a wide variety of music including lots of Dutch music. Every Thursday Het Plein has a student night and beers are only 1,50 euro, plus they have free snacks! The Het Plein terrace is nice and heated in the wintertime. ‘t Fust is the oldest bruin café in Stadhuisplein. People have been getting drunk here for decades!!! We recommend stopping by on the weekends when the party really picks up.

Stadhuisplein 21 & 23-25

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Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance