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Bed & Breakfast

Mr & Mrs Dickmann, Eendrachtsweg 34
The bedroom is large and clean. You will have your own closet space. There is a sink and a shower located right in the room. Besides the bedroom you can make use of the king-size living room, with a television, a couch and some board games. Extra beds are available and fit easily in this large room, so you can make a small group reservation as well.Mr and Mrs Dickmann will take good care of you! You get a nice breakfast, which consists of white and brown bread, eggs, orange juice, tea and coffee, cold cuts and a piece of fruit. The host speaks a little German, French and English. If that doesn't work, there is always the international language of hand gestures. The bed and breakfast is a 1 minute walk from Central Station. It’s close to all a nice shopping and culture area of Rotterdam.
PRICE (not included breakfast)
Price for 1,2,3 persons - € 45,- p.p
Price for 4 and more persons - € 40,- p.p
Mevrouw Mudde, Walenburgerweg 63
The house is located in a pleasant area behind Rotterdam Central Station. The rooms are on the third floor of the house and have access to the bathroom in the hallway. There is a water boiler and tea/coffee to make it yourself comfortable.
There is no breakfast served, but across the street you'll find a Turkish bakery which is open all year round. At the Spoorsingel you will find Dunya Lokante, a Turkish restaurant, where you can eat for a reasonable price or have a take-away dinner.The Bed & Breakfast is just a 2 minutes walk North of Central Station.
PRICE (not included breakfast)
Single Room - € 30.-
Double Room - € 50.-
Quad Room - € 75.-

Tourist Travel Inn, Boterstraat 68, Schiedam
You could call this place a hostel, you could say it is a guesthouse and you could also call it a Bed and Breakfast. Mrs Kanai prefers to call it a Bed and Breakfast, so a Bed and Breakfast it is! The Bed and Breakfast is brand new, so the bathrooms and kitchens are modern as you can expect. They also have guest kitchens with all basic necessities available to use.
The Bed and Breakfast is open from 9am to 11pm, after your check-in you will receive a key so you can enter any time you want. Check out is before 12am, and if you love Rotterdam so much you want to stay just let them know prior to 10am. All rooms are equipped with a television. The guesthouse has a non-smoking, drug free policy. Breakfast is available for € 4.- a person, Mrs Kanhai will serve the breakfast in her own private kitchen. The guesthouse is located in Schiedam, which is in a suburb of Rotterdam. Just as you step outside the Tourist Travel Inn, you will immediately find yourself in a very welcoming and historical part of Schiedam. A fine mixture of old and new architecture surrounds you and some of the older buildings still display the traditional crafts and trades which they were used for.
PRICE (not included breakfast)
Single Room (price p.p) - € 20.-   
Double Room (price p.p) - € 18.-
Quatre Room (price p.p) - € 15.-

Bed & Breakfast