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Facts & figures

It is always nice to know some random facts about a city and country you are visiting or planning on visiting. We wanted to give you some little tidbits that will impress people as you are sitting around the bar. If you want some more interesting, weird or random facts you can visit the Use-it desk. The staff love to share information about the city, after all they love Rotterdam!
Rotterdam is 319.35 km2 and 1/3 of it is water.
Rotterdam has more than 617,347 residents. Almost 50 percent of these are foreigners.
Rotterdam has more than 160 nationalities.
This is pretty unique and the residents work hard to live and cooperate with each other. The government of Rotterdam supports its international residents by planning lots of events and festivals.
Almost 25 percent of the population of Rotterdam is between the ages of 20 and 34 years.
That means there are plenty of people to meet and party with!!!
Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam still has the biggest port in all of Europe.
The Rotterdam port transports more than 82.000 containers a year. It was the biggest port in the world until Shanghai took over several years ago.
Financial income of Rotterdam: 63 percent of the financial income of the city consist of business services.
The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, is the first mayor of the Netherlands with Moroccan roots.
Rotterdam has 2 more mayors: a Night mayor (Jules Deelder) and a Youth mayor (Andrea Moreira Santos).
In 2009 Rotterdam became Europe's first Youth Capital, YOUR09.
The highest building of The Netherlands is located in Rotterdam. It's the Maastoren and is 165 meter high. The building is located at the Wilhelminakade.
Rotterdam is the only city with high-rise buildings and a skyline in The Netherlands.
The opening of the oldest bridge in town, the old Willemsbrug, was in 1878.
There are big sport events going on in Rotterdam: Rotterdam Marathon, ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and World Port Baseball Tournament. Rotterdam has also been the start of the Tour de France in 2010.
There are 3 professional football clubs in Rotterdam: Feijenoord, Sparta and Excelsior.
Rotterdam is one of the fastest Marathon cities in the World. New world records were set here ___ times!!!
There are other huge, popular events in Rotterdam besides the big sport events. Caribbean Summercarnaval, Danceparade, Dunya Festival, Metropolis, North Sea Jazz Festival to name a few!
There are more than 20 museums in Rotterdam.
In 2014 Rotterdam will have a 1800 m2 covered market hall on the Binnenrotte, at which the focus will be on food.
Famous people around the World with their roots in Rotterdam:
Leo Beenhakker: football player and coach
Willem van Hanegem: football player and coach
Giovanni van Bronkhorst: football player
John de Wolff: football player
Inge de Bruijn: swimmer
Fatima Mareira de Melo: hockey player
Ferry Corsten: DJ
Michel de Heij: DJ
Winne: rapper Duvel
Duvel: rap group
Gerard Cox: comedian, singer, script writer
Paul de Leeuw: actor and tv-presentator
Marlies Dekkers: underwear designer
Suzanne Bijl: bag designer
Pim Fortuijn: politician
Neelie Kroes: politician
Ivo Opstelten: old mayor
Piet Heijn: pirate
Rem Koolhaas: Architect