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Where to smoke?


This trendy coffee shop is truly unique: it looks like a mixture of a modern bar and an American diner. There are cool fish tanks, a spacious smoking area, many drinks and snacks, a flat screen TV and even a parrot. The painted walls will make you feel like you’re under the sea yourself. You can choose from 5 kinds of hash and a whopping 15+ kinds of weed!
Nieuwe Binnenweg 181


Sky High
Sky High is located in the middle of the city center and the shop’s location is what makes it attractive for the weary weed crusader. There’s always a place to sit at the wooden tables or in the smoking area on the first floor. There are 5 different kinds of each weed and hash on the menu.
Nieuwe Binnenweg 59


Visiting Pluto is definitely a must when you’re checking out Rotterdam’s coffee shop scene: the place sells bongs, cannabis accessories and souvenirs beyond your wildest dreams. Our personal favorites are their how-to-hide-your-stash products. Pluto sells around 5 kinds of hash and 10 kinds of weed, many pre-rolled joints and it has interesting daily offers. The shop doesn’t have a smoking area but the personnel are very friendly and helpful.
Nieuwe Binnenweg 54


The Reef
The Reef has an interesting mixed Californian/New wave style. The people who are in the shop all seem to come straight out of a Fellini film. The large room contains tables, chairs, benches, mirrors, and a pool table. It has lots of character. They sells 7 different strains of weed and 6 types of hash. Get your joints and supplies from the special Reef-vending machine. They also serve a variety of juices to quench your thirst.
Oppert 1


This small coffee shop doesn’t have the biggest selection of cannabis in Rotterdam but it’s friendly and cozy and there’s a computer with an Internet connection. The menu shows how strong the different strains are, which is handy for everyone.
Botersloot 7

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