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Gay scene



The most popular gay bar is definitely Strano. It is small but trendy and cozy. The staff is always dressed to impress and very friendly. They play a variety of different dance music styles, but in the weekend it is too crowded to dance. However everyone is very welcoming towards newcomers and this is a great place to hang out. Watch out for that bell though, if you ring it, you are buying a round for everyone in the bar! In the weekends Strano is open till 4am, all of the other gay bars close at 2am in the weekend.

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 154



In the same street, you’ll find Regenboog offering a mix of gay pop songs and Dutch sing-a-longs. You will find a wide range of people from young gay people to old women who just love the atmosphere and music. There are occasionally theme nights, with the favorite theme being karaoke. Karaoke night is usually during the week and Regenboog is packed with people who love to sing, sing, sing!

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 148a



Stylish coctailbar located in a former warehouse, now home to several trendy bars and restaurants.

Van Vollenhovenstraat 15

Gay Palace

If you want to go clubbing, go to Gay Palace The Gay Palace is filled with young people who prefer a gay club to a gay bar. There are two full floors of sweaty dancing. On the ground floor the DJ plays dance and popular music and in the basement the DJ spins a bit of everything. Gay Palace is a favorite for gays, lesbians and heterosexuals alike. The all of the staff, including the security, are very friendly. Every once in a while you might find yourself getting quite a bit of attention from a big man dressed like a woman – don’t freak out! It’s all cool at the Gay Palace.

Schiedamsesingel 139



If everything else is closed, go to the Keerweer a very small, very late night party bar (open till 5 am and 6 am on the weekends). You have to enter through the back entrance. The bartenders will keep a tab of your drinks, make sure to pay and take your receipt with you to show the bouncers when you leave. Otherwise they charge you € 75.- per person! You will see a mix of people from all the other gay bars in town after they close, after all gay people really know how to party All Night Long! They will occasionally have live performers, but mostly just have a video DJ, so if you are bored you can watch the music videos of the current song. Watch how much you drink, because that tab can add up quickly and you do not want to mess with the bouncers!!!

1e Westblaakhof

Gay scene