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This idea comes originally from Berlin and is another nice option to a taxi. Find them cycling around the streets from mid April till end of September in Rotterdam. One ride is € 1.- per 3 min./pp.



Do as the locals do and get yourself on a bike a.s.a.p. It’s the easiest way to get around the city. It’s cheap and fast! Just pay close attention to the traffic rules. Always indicate which direction you’re going to take by sticking out your hand when you turn left or right. Make sure your lights work or buy some that work on batteries to clip onto your bag or clothes. Make sure the red light is at the back and the white one at the front because the police are very strict when they do surprise check ups and the fines are high.

Rent a cool green Kronan bike at Use-It for € 6.- for the day (€ 50.- refundable deposit required).

Another address for renting bikes is Fietspoint CS

Conradstraat 18 (inside the Groothandelsgebouw), (010) 4126220, rate € 6.50, open Mon-Fri 4.50am-1.45am, Sat 5.40am-1.45am, Sun 6.30am-12.50am



Want a more intensive way of moving around and seeing the city? Then why not try it on a kick-scooter or Steparound? Side effects: a healthy feeling, muscled and toned buttocks and surprised looks from passersby’s. You can rent a kick-scooter for € 10.- for 3 hour slots.

Overblaak 104, (010) 4776477, www.aroundtown.nl