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Finding your palace

Finding a place to live in Rotterdam isn't easy. In fact searching for a room or apartment is hard work. Keep your ears open and your eyes sharp at all times. Rooms in Rotterdam get more and more expensive, € 350.- for a 20m² room is quite common.

To start your search it might be useful to bike through the city to find out which neighborhood you want to live in. The internet is a useful source for finding your palace. Unfortunately a lot of these websites are in Dutch, but for sure you can find yourself a way through the worldwide web with a Dutch dictionary. Some websites require you to subscribe to it in order to have a look at their database.



www.housinganywhere.com (English)

www.kamertje.nl (Dutch only),

www.kamerstart.nl (Dutch and English),

www.kamerhulp.nl (Dutch only),

www.marktplaats.nl (Dutch only),

www.randstadmakelaars.nl (Dutch only)

http://kamerzo.nl/ (Dutch only)




If you are under 25 you can go to the JIP office for some help. You can also leave notes at Universities, Hogescholen and supermarkets or have a look on Facebook.


At the use-it desk you can also pick up an information sheet about how to find a place in Rotterdam.