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Record shops


Triple Vision

If your on the Nieuwe Binneweg and looking for music, make this your first stop. Triple Vision carries everything new and hip, both from the Netherlands and the UK. So if popular music is what you are looking for, this is the place to be. The staff knows the good techno and drum 'n' bass parties, so make sure to check out the flyers all over the shop and see what is going on in town!

Nieuwe Binnenweg 131 B




Demonfuzz is known for having the old, hard to get, second hand records that you have been dying to get your hands on. This is the shop to go to if you have searched the world over and still haven't found that one great twelve inch you lost all those years ago. They sell records of all genres but their collection of old school Hip Hop, Disco, Italo and vintage House is what makes Demonfuzz famous amongst Roffa music lovers.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 86




If you translate Plaatboef into English it means Record Thief. While we don't think anyone stole the music they sell, it is impressive to see just how many CD's fit into one room! Their staff can be a bit eccentric and sometimes anti-social, but overall they are friendly and knowledgeable. This is one of the older second hand record stores in Rotterdam where people are still able to trade and sell their old records and CD's for good prices. You never know what you might find, after all, one man's trash is another man's treasure. They also have a wide variety of new releases. We recommend Plaatboef if you are looking for Indie, 70's Rock or Blues.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 81 A


Velvet Music

Once you are finished with the vast variety of music on Nieuwe Binnenweg you can head right up the road to Oude Binnenweg where you will find Velvet Music. They have an incredible collection and the people behind the counter are true music lovers and very knowledgeable. This is a personal favorite of the Use-It staff because the prices are lower than most commercial stores and they sell advance tickets to concerts and parties in and around Rotterdam. Make sure to take your time and really explore this store. They have a lot to offer!

Oude Binnenweg 121 A


Songs for Sale

Perfect place to nose around in new and second hand cds and vinyl.

Meent 22 A


Media Markt

This is the giant electronics store with the red sign in the Binnenwegplein. If you can make it past all the cool electronics you will find the cd's located on the top floor. If you search you can find many albums for a good price. Keep in mind you will only find mainstream music here, but you can also find newly released DVD's.

Binnenwegplein 50-52



Plato feels like a music store should when you walk inside. It has an extensive exclusive collection and an extremely knowledgeable staff. However the staff do tend to be music snobs and can come across a bit rude, but if you are clear about what you want. they will point you in the right direction.

Meent 116



Central Library

This is our number one music recommendation if you are going to be spending some time in Rotterdam! The Rotterdam Central Library has the biggest library CD collection in all of Europe! The staff is extremely friendly and will help you out with everything you need to know. There is a computer system where you can search for music by artist, album or category. They buy every CD released in the Netherlands which means you have an extensive international collection, as well as, little known Dutch performers. After you have a library membership you are able to rent the CD's for one week for only € 1.90 , [and while we don't condemn ripping music, if you have access to a computer and some blank CD's or an Ipod, that is pretty cheap for some new tunes!]

Hoogstraat 110