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General information on supermarkets

Sometimes you just need to something to drink, a snack or some food for a picnic. What better place to find it at a supermarket. There are loads of supermarkets in Rotterdam so you are bound to find one whereever you go. There is a bit of price difference between them, the Aldi and the Bas van der Heijden are the cheaper ones. To get more exclusive products you'd better try your luck at the more expensive supermarkets: Albert Heijn or Super de Boer; with a more extensive range of products. Supermarkets sometimes have great offers so don't forget to look out for them. Most supermarkets are open between 8am and 8pm. After 8pm you're bound to the very expensive nightshops. Some supermarkets in the city center are open on Sunday between 12am-5pm. On public holidays there are always some Turkish grocery shops open to still your hunger or go to the JUMBO on the south side of Rotterdam.


Chinese supermarket

Love to do some exploring? Discover the Chinese supermarket on a boat near the Euromast. Shopping Centre Oriental has a wide range of Chinese, Surinam, Indonesian and Japanese products. A healthy stop to get some fresh oriental vegetables. Just avoid it on Saturdays since it can get pretty crowded.

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