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Kop van Zuid

In the old days the Kop van Zuid (ENG: Head of the South) was busy with harbor and immigration activities. You can see some buildings have traces left from that time. Nowadays the Kop van Zuid is known for its challenging architecture. To get to the southern side of Rotterdam you have to cross the Erasmus Bridge.


Maastoren, 2009

The 165 meter tall building contain 44 floors which is mainly used as offices. The first 10 floors of the building is used as a parking garage, which offers 637 individual parking places. Internationally renowned Dutch architects Dam & Partners collaborated with France’s Odile Decq Benoit Cornette on the plans for the Maastoren.

No public access, www.maastorenrotterdam.nl


Erasmusbrug (ENG: Erasmus Bridge), 1996

The Erasmus Bridge is one of Rotterdam's famous landmarks. The bridge is 808 metres long and it was designed by Ben van Berkel. Because of the shape of the twisted 139 meter high pylon the people of Rotterdam call the bridge The Swan. You may have seen parts of it in commercials or even in the movie “Who am I?” with Jackie Chan. The view of the Erasmus Bridge against the skyline of Rotterdam is even more amazing at night time.


KPN telecom building, 2000

A real 'eye catcher' of the Rotterdam skyline is the KPN office building, right next to the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. Architect Renzo Piano designed a front of almost 100 meter. Unique inThe Netherlands is the billboard-facade of 96x40 meter with a screen below of 1.80 meter. On this billboard are almost a thousand big green lamps which can be used individually so patterns of light arise. A computer program adapts the intensity of the lights for daylight or nighttime.

Wilhelminakade 123, no public access


Cruise Terminal, 1949

Between 1880 and 1960 loads of Europeans left for America to try their luck in the new world. Holland America Line was very famous for passenger service to America. Between 1953 and 1971 the cruise terminal was used for this purpose. The Cruise Terminal is recognisable by 135 meter long glass facade, which gives a spectacular view on the Maas. Since 2002 cruise ships make a stop here during summer bringing visitors to Rotterdam. Cruise Terminal is also used for exhibitions and parties every now and then.

Wilhelminakade 699, public acces at Cafe Rotterdam


Las Palmas

There are various warehouses each with a different purpose on the left hand side of the Wilhelminakade. A bit further west you find the white washed Las Palmas, it belonged to the Holland America Line and was used as a workshop and storage. The design is functional industrial and made of concrete and glass. After being abandoned for a long time, parts were used as exhibition space and a club, now houses the Dutch Photomuseum, a famous expensive fish restaurant and course center for photography and moving images. You can easily recognise the building by the round white structure on the top.

Wilhelminakade 332


Montevideo, 2005

The tall building with the letter M on top is Montevideo, designed by Meccano Architects. It’s officially the highest building in the Netherlands at 139.5 meters (152.32 meters if you include the M).

Otto Reuchilinweg, no public access


Hotel New York, 1917

The quaint building with beautiful Jugendstil of motifs of Hotel New York is squeezed in between new skyscrapers. Hotel New York was formerly head office of Holland America Line (HAL), but in 1993 the building reopened as a hotel and cafe restaurant. Although there was an enormous renovation, it has kept its authentic atmosphere. The architects who did the renovation and decoration in 1993 are D. van der Have and J.W. Loos. Just pop in for a coffee or a beer to see the interior of the building and enjoy the magnificent view of Rotterdam from here.

Koninginnehof 1