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The Scheepvaartkwartier (1840) survived most of the bombings of WWII. The area has more than 90 buildings designated as monuments which are protected by the state. Therefore the Scheepvaartkwartier can be seen as one the wealthiest areas of Rotterdam. To get to Scheepvaartkwartier you have to walk 20 minutes south of Rotterdam Central Station.


Westelijk Handelsterrein, 1894

At the entrance to the Westelijk Handelsterrein stands a large black statue of a male figure to welcome you. The Westelijk Handelsterrein is a restored warehouse complex consisting of two levels and a glass roof. It houses fancy restaurants and art galleries. Back in the old days it consisted out of 36 warehouses. The warehouses were reachable by horse and carts for transporting the goods, you can still see this when you enter the warehouse complex. The roof used to be covered with grass and they kept sheep on it to keep the lawn short.



In the center of the Scheepvaartkwartier you find the Veerhaven, home to historical sailing vessels and pleasure crafts since the 1900’s. The Veerhaven actually got its name from the word ferry (NL: veer). The original ferry service ran between the Veerhaven and Katendrecht and it was the only connection between the two sides of Rotterdam before the first Willemsbrug was built.