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(West) Kruiskade

This area is spread out on different streets and that’s half the fun of it. Since the clubs aren’t next to each other you can have quite an adventure, exploring and finding the right club for you!




Toffler is more underground, literally speaking! It looks like a stylish and intimate cave and delivers the best of tech-house. Open on Friday and Saturday.

Weena Zuid 33



Great place to dance and party, close to the central station. And entrance fees are generally not too expensive.

Schiestraat 42



Not really close to Kruiskade, but hey, you need to put this bar, club, restaurant somewhere! A cool place to hang out located underneath a former railwaystation.

Raampoortstraat 26-28



Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance