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Oude haven

On a hot summer night the terraces in the Oude Haven are crowded with young people. When it is a bit chilly (and Rotterdam sometimes is) it is still nice to go there and have a drink or eat something in one of the many cafe’s like cocktail bar Stockholm (Spaansekade 12), which has a really great, very clean interior. The staff are generally students from the local universities and members of the Rotterdam student clubs (sororities/fraternities).



One of the few places in the area that attracks more than just students. Relaxed place to drink beers.

Spaanskade 62


Villa Kakelbont

Villa Kakelbont is a cheap student café. It is not very big, but it has a great atmosphere and staff. It is a simple, old bruin café and they have a huge terrace in the summer!

Spaansepoort 73


Vrienden Live

It is a trendier place where you can drink, eat and dance till late but make sure to put on your push up bra or tightest t-shirt – look like a DIVA! Vrienden Live is generally filled with students and young people looking for a date for the next weekend. However the drinks and food are not cheap so keep that in mind and flirt with the right people… the ones with lots of money!!

Haringvliet 100


Club Vie

Club Vie is a posh dance club where they play everything! Once you are done with Vrienden Live head on over to Club Vie. The main floor is mostly dance and club music, but in the basement you will find music with a more sexual vibe, BoBling, Reggaeton, R&B, etc. Everyone in Club Vie is living the high life, at least for the evening. Act like money doesn’t matter and you are sure to have lots of fun. Watch out for the toilet lady though, she is ready to attack anyone who tries to pee with out paying, so make sure you have extra change for the bathroom. Entrance is free until 11pm and then anywhere from € 8.- - € 15.-.

Maasboulevard 300


Aloha Bar

The Aloha Bar is open all year as a bar, restaurant, coffee, City Park (under construction) and in the summer as tropical summer terrace by the river. Be surrounded by banana plants and taste the hottest products and dishes from restaurant.  
Maasboulevard 100

Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance
Drink & Dance