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City Parks & Nature


The Park is the most well know park of Rotterdam in the west of the city center. You'll find it in between the Nieuwe maas, Parkhaven, Westzeedijk and the Scheepvaartkwartier. It's a beautifull park where you can relax, have a picknick/barbeque or go for a run. In summer a lot of Festivals are held here as well!



Tuin Schoonoord

Many people from Rotterdam do not know about this beautiful 300 year old garden. Hidden away lies a fairylike garden with luscious greenery. It’s the perfect place for a romantic moment with your lover or just a relaxing afternoon stroll.

Entrance opposite Het Park on the Kievitslaan, open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-4pm



Beach of Hoek van Holland

When you prefer sand over trees and fancy a swim in the sea, the nearest beach is only half an hour away by train from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland Strand.

The train leaves every half hour from Central Station and a roundtrip ticket costs € 9.30. In summer there are lots of activities and lots of places on the beach where you can hang out, have a drink and enjoy the view. When you’re more the nature type there are organized hikes, but you can also walk around the dunes yourself and enjoy the scenery. Get Hoekt!




'Het Vroesenpark' in the north of Rotterdam. Here you'll find footpaths, ponds, soccer area's and really nice places to have a picknick or barbeque. It's an escape from the busy city. You'll find the Vroesenpark in between the Ceintuurbaan, the Kanaalweg, the Vroesenlaan and the Stadhoudersweg in Blijdorp.



Quarantaine island

The Quarantaine island (actually a peninsula) is in the middle of the Eemhaven and Waalhaven. It’s a hidden treasure in the busy port. The Quarantaine complex was built in1934 for sailors with infectious diseases like cholera or typhus but it was never really used for that purpose.

To get to the little beach there you have to walk towards the Quarantaineweg 1. You will enter a terrain which is now inhabited by a collective of artists, musicians and writers. After strolling find the beach for a nice break. During low tide the beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming! Do mind the privacy of the people living there, so only go through the gate when it’s open Mon-Fri from 7am-11pm. Weekends from 10am-11pm. You can visit the island easily on weekdays by Aqualiner.

Take the ferry from the Willemskade where the Waterbus stops too. In 15 minutes it will take you across the river to the RDM terrain, Heyschehaven. One way ticket € 2.50, Return ticket € 4,- Mon-Fri from Willemskade the first trip at 7.40am and last one leaves at 7.30pm. On weekends Quarantaine island is only accessible by bus 61 & 68 or by an expensive but fun ride by Watertaxi.



Kralingse Plas

Located only 3,5 Km from Rotterdam Central Station, the Kralingse park and lake extend over an area of around 200 hectares.


You'll find a very big recreational area where you can have a very nice walk in the Kralingse forest, swim in the lake if the weather is nice, enjoy a barbecue, cycle, rollerskate, sail, rock scaling, golf...

There is also the climbing park Fun Forest, which offers 6 different tree climbing routes with ropes, ladders, bridges and zip lines that are located at a height of 4 to 15 meters.


The most enjoyable way to get there is by bike, but you can also take the tramway 7 and get out at Boezemstraat and walk for around 5 minutes, or take the metro to Gerdesiaweg station and walk for around 10 minutes.


Kralingse Plaslaan


City Parks & Nature