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Hitch hiking

Maybe it’s not that common anymore to hitch a ride with your thumb up by the side of the road but it’s still possible to get somewhere this way in the Netherlands. Start by asking around at gas stations and when you get a ride make sure to be dropped off at another one too. That good old cardboard sign written with your destination on it is also still handy! Be sure you know where to stand if you want to try your luck on the highway or at an intersection to a highway since it’s not allowed to just stand anywhere on the road. Get information and rides at
www.hitchhikers.org or www.franknature.nl which has an extensive list of where-to-stand for hitching in the Netherlands.


Car Rental

Rotterdam is well linked by motorways to the rest of the Netherlands. Driving in Rotterdam itself is not recommended but maybe you just want to rent a car to get to the countryside. There are a lot of major car rental firms at Rotterdam Airport and in the city center such as:

Europcar, Walenburghof 17, (010) 4656400

Hertz, Weena 699, (010) 4046088

Sixt Rent a Car, Abraham van Stolkweg 82, (010) 4627221


Car parking

Visiting Rotterdam by car may be 'come and go as you please' but parking and other hassles can ruin all the fun. The cheapest and easiest way of parking is at a free of charge P&R (park and ride) lot located at some Metro stops outside the city center. Take the Metro to go into town. Best option is the P&R at Kralingse Zoom. Parking on the street in the city center is expensive (varying from € 0.50 for 20 minutes to € 0.50 for 9 minutes). A parking garage is safer than on the street and you can pay by cash, prepaid Chipknip or by credit card. On the street you can only use a prepaid Chipknip in the parking meters. The card costs € 22.50 with a € 20.- credit on it. You can also use the prepaid Chipknip to pay for groceries or for making a phone call at a public booth. Mind the expiration date though!

Selling points of the prepaid Chipknip:

RET, Coolsingel 141,

Diergaarde Blijdorp, Van Aersenlaan 48,

ANWB, Binnenwegplein 20,

Rotterdam Store, Coolsingel 5.

Some streets have free parking after 6pm, for example: Graaf Florisstraat, 1e and 2e Middellandstraat, Museumpark, Veerhaven, Posthoornstraat.

Here are some addresses for totally free parking all day: Noordereiland, from Honingerdijk to Willem Ruyslaan, Hoflaan, from Ammanplein to Boezemstraat and the Gerdesiaweg.

Finally: Be smart and don’t leave your valuables visible inside the car when you park! A car window can easily be smashed.