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Other means of transport


The two main Taxi companies are RTC (010) 4626060 and St. Job (010) 4257000. You can recognize them not only by the Taxi sign on the roof of the car but also by the blue colored number plates. Taxis start with a flag price and you pay per kilometer. Almost every driver will charge you by using a meter. Some drivers might like to take a detour when you get a ride with them so make sure you stay firm and in charge when you notice the ride becomes an unwanted sightseeing tour or when they act grumpy if the distance is too short for them.


Tuk tuk

No, you’re not dreaming. This is Rotterdam and we’ve got tuk tuks as an interesting alternative to taking a taxi. The drivers might drive like mad and blast the stereo so put on your seatbelt, hang on and enjoy the ride. All drivers have earned their qualifications to be official cabdrivers. You can find them at their designated stops such as Central Station and Stadhuisplein or Nieuwe Binnenweg. It’s € 3.50 for 1 Passenger, € 5.- for 2 Passengers, € 6.50 for 3 Passengers, plus € 3.50 per extra zone no matter how many passengers (after 6pm € 5.- per extra zone).



The water taxi’s are recognizable by their black and yellow colors, speeding on the river Maas to one of 30 destinations alongside the riverbanks. There is a distinction though between the pricey watertaxi service and the cheaper ferry service. The ferry service runs daily from 9am-12pm between Leuvehaven and Hotel New York and between Veerhaven and Hotel New York. It departs every 20 minutes. Single adult € 2.90 Veerhaven-Hotel New York, Single adult € 3.60 Leuvehaven-Hotel New York. For the watertaxi service you need to call ahead and they will pick you up from one of the docks. Find the stops at different points along the river. There are signs posted with a dock number and the phone number to ring them. This watertaxi is somewhat expensive but if you’ve got some extra spending money and have 7 more friends to share the costs with… Dock locations, info and prices, www.watertaxirotterdam.nl, (010) 4030303



This idea comes originally from Berlin and is another nice option to a taxi. Find them cycling around the streets from mid April till end of September in Rotterdam. One ride is € 1.- per 3 min./pp.



Eurolines buses

For international travel by bus go to the Eurolines office which is located on the ground floor of the Groothandelsgebouw next door to the Central Station (entrance on trackside of the building). Bus departures and arrivals are from Kruisplein, in front of Central Station.

Conradstraat 16, (010) 4124444, www.eurolines.nl, open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm.