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Oude Haven

The Oude Haven (ENG: Old Harbor) is the oldest harbor of Rotterdam, situated in the center of Rotterdam close to Blaak. Nowadays it is known as busy nightlife area with bars and restaurants on the waterside.


Cube houses (NL: Kubuswoningen), 1984

Their unique cubical design will draw your attention immediately. Piet Blom's idea was to design a forest with trees: the cubes are supported on poles like tree trunks. Their functions combine private and public life. The cube has three levels: the 'street house' (kitchen and livingroom), the 'sky house' (bedrooms) and the 'tabernacle' (greenhouse). You can either visit the show cube to see what it is like to live inside a house that strange or you can spend the night at Stayokay hostel'which is located in one of the big cubes.

Visitors cube, Overblaak 70, open January & February: Fri-Sun 11am-5pm. The rest of the year open daily 11am-5pm, entrance  € 3,-


Blaaktoren (ENG: Blaak Tower), 1984

The Blaaktoren is an apartment building also designed by Piet Blom. Everybody calls this 61-meter tall building 'The Pencil' because of its pointy rooftop. The building has 13 floors + one common storage, the pointy roof is only for architectural purposes and serves no function . The building forms a nice view together with the cube houses.

No public access 


Train station Blaak, 1993

The station immediately gets your attention because the roof is built in the shape of a giant UFO. This 'UFO' hangs from a big steel bow. In the bow you can see two neon lights. When the blue light is on, there 's a train coming which goes in the direction of the river. The yellow light switches on for trains that are going in the direction of the city. Escalators and elevators give access to the platforms which lie 14 metres under street level. The station, designed by H. Reijnders was built between 1983 and 1993.


Witte Huis (ENG: White house), 1898

Its is 48 meters tall and at the end of the 19th century it was actually the very first skyscraper built in Europe based on American examples. Two Dutch brothers Van der Schuijt developed the Art Nouveau style of the Witte Huis, which was designed by Willem Molenbroek. This building was very popular with the citizens of Rotterdam, partly because of the panorama platform on the roof which used to be open to the public. It is funny to look at it and to realize that while it isn’t such a high building anymore it certainly was back then!

Wijnhaven 3, no public access 


The Red Apple, 2008

KCAP Architects took care of the exterior of the Red Apple and famous Dutch interior designer Jan des Bouvrie is responsible for the interior. The name refers to Rotterdam being the Red Apple of the Netherlands and in the old days apples arrived in this part of the Wijnhaven. The most memorable characteristic of this bright red 127.10 meters tall building is the massive block diagonal on the tower. It seems like this part is felt off the tower. The building consist out of 231 apartments, 3.870 m2 office spaces and 1.580 m2 shops.

No public access